SemLinq SEO: Revolutionizing CudaCo’s Search Rankings and Google Business Page Results, Catalyzing Restaurant Growth


SemLinq SEO: Revolutionizing CudaCo’s Search Rankings and Google Business Page Results, Catalyzing Business Growth


This case study highlights the collaboration between CudaCo, a Charleston, South Carolina-based seafood wholesaler and restaurant, and SemLinq SEO, a well-known digital marketing firm. SemLinq SEO successfully enhanced CudaCo’s search rankings and optimized their Google Business Page by adopting a thorough SEO campaign. This led to an increase in online exposure, more consumer engagement, and considerable business growth. The partnership between SemLinq SEO and CudaCo is evidence of how SEO tactics can completely change local businesses.

Solution: Increase SEO and Restaurant Sales!

CudaCo, a renowned seafood wholesaler and restaurant located in Charleston, SC, recognized the importance of enhancing their online presence and attracting more local customers. To achieve these goals, CudaCo enlisted the expertise of SemLinq SEO, a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.


How did we do it?

a) Local Keyword Research and Optimization: SemLinq SEO carried out in-depth research to find local keywords relevant to Charleston, South Carolina, as CudaCo’s target market. To increase the website’s relevancy in local search inquiries, these keywords were thoughtfully placed throughout the content, meta tags, and headings.

b) On-Page Optimization: To find on-page optimization opportunities, a comprehensive audit of CudaCo’s website was carried out. To improve the website’s overall functionality and user experience, SemLinq SEO enhanced the website’s title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, and internal linking structures.

c) Google My Business Optimization: SemLinq SEO improved the Google Business Page for CudaCo by including up-to-date and correct company information, such as the address, contact information, operating hours, and descriptions. In order to interact with their audience, they also urged customers to submit reviews and offered rapid responses.

d) Local Citations and Directory Listings: SemLinq SEO made sure CudaCo’s company data was accurate and consistent throughout a number of internet directories and local citation systems. With this strategy, CudaCo’s local visibility and search engine ranks were enhanced.

e) Content Strategy: SemLinq SEO created a content strategy that was centered on creating excellent, captivating, and educational content in order to position CudaCo as a regional authority in seafood wholesale and dining. Locally relevant keywords were used in the creation of blog posts, recipes, and seafood-related advice.

f) Monitoring: SemLinq SEO regularly tracked and looked after CudaCo’s site metrics. Potential clients began to trust and respect them when they replied to reviews and immediately resolved any issues.

Organic Traffic.

What were the Results?

CudaCo and SemLinq SEO’s partnership produced notable advancements and beneficial effects for the company:
CudaCo now has a prominent position among Charleston, South Carolina restaurants and seafood wholesalers thanks to improved search rankings for pertinent local keywords. More organic traffic to their website and greater brand recognition resulted from this enhanced visibility.

b) Improved Google Business Page Results: CudaCo’s Google Business Page ranks were greatly enhanced by SemLinq SEO’s optimization work. CudaCo’s Google Business Page developed into a respected resource with reliable and consistent business information, favorable client feedback, and interesting comments.


The collaboration between CudaCo and SemLinq SEO is a perfect example of how SEO tactics can completely change the landscape for small businesses. CudaCo saw higher search ranks, enhanced Google Business Page results, increased online exposure, and significant business development as a consequence of complete local keyword optimization, on-page optimization, Google My Business optimization, content strategy, and online reputation management. CudaCo became known as a reliable seafood supplier in Charleston, South Carolina, thanks in large part to SemLinq SEO’s experience and customized strategy, which also increased client involvement and promoted long-term success.


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